Meet Elizabeth our fashion co-ordinator at Because Magazine. Pairing unusual separates, often mismatching silhouettes and shapes, abstractly layering one piece over another, she creates a totally unique look.


Because: Do you look to the catwalk and trends for ideas or do you take cues from things closer to home?
Elizabeth: The catwalk always inspires a new season but I try to steer away from trends, usually the reference or a small detail from a show will trigger another idea and then i'll just go off on a tangent. The London streets are always an exciting places to draw inspiration from but again a small quirk from someones look will trigger the seed of an idea.


Do you have any particular eras or people that you reference? 
This is always constantly changing and evolving, i'll jump from french renaissance to sportswear via a Troma film.


Where do you source your clothes from? 
I find a lot of my favourite pieces in charity shops, I like to mix my designer pieces with second hand items to create an easy, less 'done' look.


Do you believe in throw away wardrobes or do you think that people should reuse and rewear their clothes from season to season? 
The idea of a throwaway wardrobe is completely alien to me really, it's something I find insanely wasteful with an extremely damaging effect to the environment. I want to have an archive to dip into in 20 years so I rarely get rid of items from my wardrobe.


Elizabeth is wearing:

Coat: Vintage
Jumper: Louise Goldin
Trouses: Army Surplus
Shoes: Vintage
Rings: Elizabeth's own, Hannah Warner and Dominic Jones



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