It's not hard to pick Aimee out from a crowd. She's a leggy Essex girl with a peroxide blonde bob! With bold lips and an equally bold hair-do, she keeps the rest of her look simple. But her fashionable get-up hides a less than fashionable hobby...


Because: Where are you from and what are you doing at the moment?
Aimee: I’m from Essex and currently in my second year at UCA studying Fashion Promotion.


What do you want to do?
I hope to become a freelance stylist but failing that I’m just going to try and do what ever makes me happy.


Any unusual hobbies?
I’m a massive football fan! I support Arsenal and try and watch as many matches as I can, Soccer AM every Saturday, Match of the Day every Sunday. I know football isn’t exactly unusual, but for a girl who’s into fashion the two don’t exactly go together.


What inspires your style?
Errm I think my style is mainly inspired by my mood and curiosities, like if I read a certain book or see a certain show I’m intrigued by I’ll try and reflect that. When I watched “3 Woman” I decided I wanted to only wear one colour at a time.


Do you have any style icons?
Daphne Guinness, the woman is fearless.


Do you have any style rules?
I don’t really have any rules but I’m incredibly boring in the sense I just tend to avoid any colour or patterns. I just like things simple and clean cut.


What's been your biggest fashion disaster?
When Victoria Beckham wore that awful lip ring, I remember I immediately bought a clip on one from Claire’s Accessories and would put it on whenever I left the house so my mum wouldn’t see. No matter what age I don’t think there will be a bigger disaster!


Aimee is wearing:

Leather Jacket from Topshop Boutique

Shirt from H&M

Skirt from AllSaints

Shoes from Topshop

Scarf from H&M

Rings from ASOS

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