Diesel Black Gold looked to the futuristic side of fashion with high shine metallics that would make NASA's spacemen appear rather dull. Sophia Kokosalaki's perfectly proportioned green metallic biker jacket strikes as a natural choice for a trip into the galaxy far far away.


Rocket power comes in the form of Prada's flame heels inspired by the backfiring Hot Rods of the 1950s. While grey sparkling tights float in the sea of stars.


From Barbarella in 1968, Courrege's "moon girl" look in the Sixties and Giles SS09 astronaut helmets by Stephen Jones, outer space has long fascinated designers. But bumping back down to earth this is a look that doesn't require zero gravity. Metallics are perfect for mixing into the wardrobe for a modern, chic take on dressing up or down.

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